Photography with a purpose

Since 1996, I have been providing corporate clients

with images that resonate with their target audience.

My first and essential objective is to analyze the needs

of each individual client in order to visualize the desired result.

Whether I am working directly with the client or within a team

of professionals – art directors, interior decorators, or stylists –

I will then apply my experience to ensure that the target market

sees my client’s products in a good light.

Literally and metaphorically.

Nicos’s interest in photography goes back to his childhood. Even after studying music in Vienna, Austria, photography proved to be a stubborn hobby. Finally, the camera conquered the cello.

Nicos then faced a new beginning as an apprentice in one of Vienna’s leading photo studios and laboratories, Foto Fayr, followed by a 3-year diploma course.

Working in a European photo hot spot in the days of film and darkrooms provided exhaustive practical experience. Compared to today’s digital magic, the know-how which pre-digital photography demanded was the key to his optimum utilization of today’s technology: knowing not just which buttons to press and adjust, but exactly how, when and why.

The years in Vienna provided invaluable lessons, in terms of photography as well as work ethics. These were carried forward, when Nicos returned to Cyprus and opened his own studio in Nicosia in 1996.

Nicos will never claim to know everything; but that only pushes him to keep learning. He will not tell you he can do everything; but his work speaks for itself. And he will never say he’s the best; but his clients keep coming back.